Headed South on Alcan: Destruction Bay to Teslin, Yukon

The road from Destruction Bay to Whitehorse were much better than yesterday’s roads! There were still some pretty good frost heaves though. Canada does a pretty good job at marking the rough spots with orange flags. We stopped in Whitehorse to fuel up and see some of the historical sites. We stopped at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center. We learned about mastodons and woolly mammoths, giant beavers, and lots of other things that lived on the land mass between Russia and the Yukon during the Ice Age. They said a lot of bones have been discovered by gold miners. The native canadians (aboriginals, as they are called here) have also passed down legends to archaelogists to help them find fossils in the area.

This is the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. It helps the chinook (king) salmon get around the Yukon Energy Corp. hydroelectric dam on the Yukon River. We didn’t see any in it but the count for yesterday was 30. So it is just gearing up. They had a chart that compared this year to previous years and the numbers are down this year so far.

The SS Klondike, built in 1929, was the largest vessel on the Yukon River. It could carry over 300 tons. She carried mail, general supplies, passengers and silver lead ore along the 460-mile route between Whitehorse and Dawson City until 1955.

This is the world’s largest weathervane. It is a Douglas DC-3. It was originally a C-47, built in 1942, and flew transport missions to Asia during the war. Converted to civilian life as a DC-3 after the war. (according to historian Bob Cameron)

So, here we are, Dawson Peaks Resort. It is on the edge of Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory. It has wi-fi. As we have found with these places who advertise ‘free wi-fi’ though, we can’t get the signal from inside our camper. SO, we are sitting at the picnic table along with millions of mosquitos and bees **SMAK** ##SWAT## @&*$%___

Tomorrow, our goal is back to British Columbia as we turn down the Cassiar Highway. Don still has a fishing license in BC.


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