Tok, AK to Destruction Bay, Yukon Ter.

What, do we have “Camp Host” written across our foreheads or something? Both, Don and I, have been asked if we were the Camp Hosts; several times this summer. Aside from the Hawaiian shirt that Don wears, his beard and shorts might make him look like a local. But I’ve worn this sweatshirt ALL summer. One guy told me he saw the logo on it and that’s why he thought I was the Host. I told him, “I know this feels like Disney World for adults. But I’m not your Camp Host.” hahaha
Boy the skies cleared off last night in Tok! Don turned on the electric heater in the middle of the night! See, extreme temps out here away from the ocean. The pic below is the White River. The Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains are in the background. See the dusting of new snow on top! OOoooohhhh NNOOOooooooo! Hurry!

The Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge has lots of waterfowl. These are either Tundra or Trumpeter Swans. I can’t tell the difference. There were 4 on the pond; probably Mom and Dad and 2 children. They are fattening up and building up their strength for the flight south.

This is our least favorite section of the Alaska Highway. Frost heaves, potholes and resurfacing attempts plague the pavement from the Canadian border to Burwash Landing on Kluane (Klu-ah-nee) Lake. We are revisiting a park just south of Burwash Landing. There are a couple state campgrounds on the lake too but we’ll use the microwave to cook lasagna tonight.
We arrived at Cottonwood RV Park around 5pm ($30 Can). It’s a little chilly but the sun is out. There are Dall Sheep on the mountain. Don counted 23 with the scope. The biggest group is 16.


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