North Pole to Tok, AK

Alas, we must leave the North Pole. There’s no snow here yet. All the elves are still busy though!

I’m not sure if this is Dancer, Prancer or Vixen. Did you know that you can hear the reindeer’s hooves click when they walk? Maybe that’s what the clicking on the rooftop was when Santa lands his sleigh?

Here’s the bridge over the Tanana (Tan-uh-naw) River. The Alaska Pipeline crosses here too. You can see it suspended in the background. Oil is piped all the way from Prudoe Bay to Valdez. (Someone correct me, if I’m wrong, please?) Then they load it onto ships to bring to the lower 48.

This is Moon Lake Campground. I think we got the Host Site. I wonder if flight lessons come with it? We thought about staying here but pressed on to Tok for the night.
We got out of the smoke as we headed east from the North Pole. But it rained most of the day. It’s clearing up tonight. Here, in the interior of Alaska, the temps are more extreme. I don’t know what the temp was but it’s the first time, in a while, that I was comfortable without my sweatshirt. We didn’t need the second blanket either.


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