Goin’ on a Bear Hunt!

I have to laugh when I think about “Goin‘ on a bear hunt”. I remember the chant we sang in Campfire Girl’s while keeping time, in a walking rhythm, by slapping our hands on our lap:
Goin‘ on a bear hunt….comin‘ to a tree….can’t go over…can’t go under it…can’t go through it…gotta go around it…(slapping changes slightly) Goin‘ on a bear hunt…comin‘ to a stream…can’t go over it…can’t go under it…can’t go around it…gotta go through it…(slapping gets sloppy here) …and so on

Anyway – apparently our navigation skills are not any better walking than they are driving! We set out, twice, to go to the Falls. I’ll spare you the details. I don’t know what Alaskans do to keep in shape during the winter. But if they aren’t in shape by the end of the summer, they haven’t FISHED! Hiking is INTENTIONALLY walking/climbing a long way. I didn’t realize we’d have to walk/climb so much, here at the Russian River Campground, just to FISH! A fisherman along the path (on our first attempt to find the Falls) said there are a couple bears by the river in the direction we were heading. He said, ‘Your little bell will tell them right where you are.’ As long as he doesn’t think it’s the ‘dinner bell’, we’ll be okay! Don’s got the bear pepper spray, the video camera, cell phone and walking stick. I’m wearing the bell, and have the bottle of water, snacks and camera. I thought about leaving a ‘flight plan’ in case we didn’t return – hahaha.

There ain’t no stinkin‘ bears out here!
Can you see what he almost stepped in (above)?

Well, at least there aren’t any BIG bears:

But, seriously, look at the size of that poop! That’s Don’s foot, not mine! …men’s size 12… wide. At least there aren’t any bells in it and it doesn’t smell like pepper! The disconcerting part of finding this…we found it after we had turned around when we realized we weren’t on the right trail. We either walked right past it the first time, or the bears were following the dinner bell. Well, it wasn’t steaming…so, maybe it was older? For such big animals, they can be really quiet.
Okay, not one bear today. We were looking too hard in all the wrong places because we heard lots of reports. Here’s a picture of a little red-headed grebe family. Aren’t they cute! See how the one out in front has his eyes under water to look for food.
Looks like the grebe family has found a place to roost for the night. Seems a little precarious to me…glad I’m not a duck!

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