Tourist Time in Alaska

We’ve had our annual dose of Omega 3 over the last week! We had 2 nights of sockeye before Don insisted on something else. So we found this Heavenly barbeque dinner along the Sterling Hwy; the kind you find along the Texas back roads! Some people in front of us asked them for a sample to taste. I didn’t have to taste it. I could SMELL that it was going to be GOOOOD. The cook was from Oklahoma – so I knew it was authentic. We had ribs, pulled pork, brisket and sausage. They also had bologna – that must be the Okie part because I’ve never seen that barbequed before πŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s been raining in the mornings and clearing up in the afternoons. The Kenai is still rising (or staying high) and we heard there were silvers starting to come into Homer and Anchor Pt. Soooo…
We stopped at Anchor Pt. There were people fishing and we saw the young eagles sitting up in their nest. I don’t think it will be long now before they fledge. The above pic is of Mt Iliama, looking across a meadow of Fireweed (pinkish purple) and Cow Parsnip. The Fireweed is in full bloom now. You can see it covering the meadows on the hillsides.

We went down to Homer to see about the silvers there. But we were pretty disappointed – not much activity. Lots of people are still fishing the end of the Spit for halibut, pollock and whatever. Maybe a couple of them were fishing for silvers but we didn’t see any being caught. This eagle landed on a light pole right next to us. Their eyes are yellow – cool, huh?

Yesterday, we decided to take a road trip to see what is on the Swanson River Road. It is a 17.5 mile, well maintained, gravel road from Sterling to the Swanson River Canoe Trail. It has a couple small campgrounds along the road and small lakes like this one. (No fish were biting at this lake.) Despite the Milepost’s lack of info about the campground at Swanson River, there are 4 (level) sites and a restroom. We left the camper at Morgan’s Landing – we were just scouting out the possibilities. If you like to canoe, this is a beautiful area for it!
We are at Deep Creek tonight. There are hardly any boats out fishing from Deep Creek! I don’t know if it is the tide or if most the halibut tourists have left Alaska?

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