Fishing the Kenai River

So, I’ve figured out how to type between the pix but I haven’t figured out how to put them in the order I want. Oh well!

We found this great campground called Morgan’s Landing. It is in the Milepost. But it is a little off the beaten path so we didn’t really consider it the first couple times through Sterling/Soldotna. But it is really pretty, big sites, good river access and only $10/night (no elec). Don’s first day of flippin’ for Reds (Sockeye Salmon). He is the ‘watch, listen and learn’ kind of guy. The cast used for Reds is unique. You just kind of drift the fly in front of them and then give it a tug to see if one has it in their mouth. You’re only flipping the line out about 10′ – 15′ so you don’t even reel it in unless there is a fish on and he takes off with your line. The hook has to be large (larger than he is used to) so it will hook over their lip (not getting too technical here-I’m not the fisherman). He caught about a dozen this afternoon and landed 2; one on a medium to light weight spinning rod and one on a fly rod (ugly stick). We didn’t have the right kind of a net so he picked a spot where he could get down to the bank to land it. The guy fishing beside him didn’t have a net when he caught his either but someone helped him land his. So he helped Don with his.

This is one of the fisherman access platforms on the Kenai River. The river is at flood stage and is off color. There is quite a bit of debris floating down it too. Trying to keep the fish out of the bushes is a trick in itself.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a randomly jumping fish?! I thought Don would call “naptime” when he got back. But he filleted the fish, cut 3 steaks off of it and grilled it for dinner. He is exhausted but we went back out fishing after dinner. πŸ™‚ That’s when he caught the one on the fly rod. So, this is how that one happened: It was determined, earlier, that black was the color to use, along with a bright color yarn. So, he lost the only one he had to a salmon. But he had a permanent marker with him. So he hands me the marker and a yellow piece of yarn and asks me to color it black. I’m getting more on my fingers than the yarn when he gets a fish on! So I’m trying to turn on the video camera while holding the wet yarn and trying not to get the camera black. There are only a couple black spots on the camera. Oh well, I got the shot, he landed the fish and released it. Guess who will sleep good tonight!

Oh yeah, we also saw a couple chinook (king salmon) jump in front of us! I thought it was a WHALE! (just kidding – but they are big!)

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