Homer Spit, AK

The Homer Ward parking lot had a few campers in it this morning – along with ours. We heard great talks about reverence and charity. This is the third time we’ve visited the Homer Ward. Yesterday, we just happened to find the Ward picnic at Anchor Point when we stopped to watch the eagles. They were just wrapping up though, so we didn’t crash the party.
Here are a couple Walleye Pollocks that sacrificed their life for our dinner tonight. They were very tasty. Don caught others, (after) that were bigger, but turned them loose. We actually kept another one too because he swallowed the hook too far to get out safely. I fried some of them in a little oil with salt and pepper. I dredged the others in milk and egg then dry bread crumbs. All were good, tender and moist. (Tums for dessert.)

This is what the end of Homer Spit can look like at any given moment. You fish right next to the Alaska Marine (ferry) terminal. Sometimes it gets a little busy out there! Oddly enough, the smaller boats make a bigger wake; they’re the ones speeding in and out of port. It’s been cloudy/rainy for the past few days but today cleared up – still lots of clouds with the blue sky but no rain and it warmed up to about 60.

This is Dudiak Lake. It’s a tide-fed lake on the Spit where they plant salmon. The salmon come back when they are adults. It’s a tourist attraction but a LOT of locals come out too. Because the lake is not good habitat for spawning, the fish won’t spawn. So, if all the fish aren’t caught “leagally” (meaning, hooked in the mouth), they will open it up for snagging later in the season.

More Walleye Pollock – He was bringing them in 2 at a time! Some people were catching small flounder. Don (and others) actually caught a starfish. That was weird. I told him he was reeling too slow.

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