Dollies and Humpies

We drove 45 miles today but it took us 5 hours. Don got into some salmon until his arms were sore. He fished in Resurrection Creek, off of Turnagain Arm. There was a little bit of combat fishing going on but not too bad around us. Fly fishermen clear away combat fishermen – LOL. Most were hooked in the mouth, a few were snagged. All were released. He regretted not keeping one of the Dolly Vardens (top fish). You can tell the male Humpies (pink salmon) by the pronounced hump on their back (bottom fish). I’m not sure what the middle fish is. As we stood on the bridge, we could see, literally, hundreds of salmon. It was like an aquarium!

We are camped in a nice little RV park (Portage RV Park – $29/night) on the Portage/Whittier road. We will get our showers (unmetered!) and charge up our batteries here and then move to one of the FS campgrounds ($14-$18/night) tomorrow. There are some great hiking trails from there to a close glacier. The mountain is full of waterfalls. We’ve got a little creek behind us in our campsite. We paid $3.43 for diesel today.

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