Whale Watching – Kenai Fjiord Tour

I don’t know what to say! You know you are having a rare day when the captain joins you on deck with HIS camera! Our boat tour was out of Seward – Major Marine Tours. We had a prime rib and salmon dinner that was excellent too (no sea sickness for either of us). The weather seemed too good to be true. We hit one fog bank but came out the other side of it – sunny, beautiful!

We saw a pod of Orcas (top photo – dorsal fins showing; largest is the male). They said they haven’t seen Orcas in over 2 weeks.
We had 3 separate humpback whale sightings (including 2 of a mother with a calf). The 2nd photo is the young one laying on his side with his pectoral fin and tail above the water. He was splashing and rolling while his mom was diving. I managed to capture one tail shot as one of them dove. We watched a single humpback fishing. He would dive and blow a cloud of bubbles to scare his prey. So we’d see him come to the surface before his bubbles reached the surface 30 feet away. They were close enough to the boat that you could hear them blow on the surface. We will try to post a video later in the week (when we get an electric site and have time to edit it).

The last photo is of the dall porpoises (look like a miniature Orca). You can see one in the foreground but the other splashes in the background are his buddies. At one point there was a school of them rushing the side of the boat!

How exciting!!! Oh, and, yah, yah, we saw stellar sea lions, sea otters, puffins, mures, glacier calving; you know, the regular stuff – LOL. WHAT AN EXCELLENT DAY!


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