The Mountains are Back!

My sister’s kids must have gone back home to Idaho and Nevada because we can see mountains again! I don’t know if it’s because we moved to a different area or that they are getting the fires under control?
We moved from Capt Cook Rec Area to Cooper Creek Campground on the Sterling Highway, towards the Seward Highway. We stopped by the Russian River to watch some combat fishing but it’s between runs so it wasn’t crowded. Cooper Creek is close to Cooper’s Landing, between Skilak and Kenai Lakes. We were right on the Kenai River. Rainbow fishing was great (catch-n-release)! We had a National Geographic moment this morning. As we were sitting by the river, enjoying the morning, we noticed a red-necked grebe with her chicks. They were swimming right next to the bank so I jumped up to take a picture of them with my phone (the only thing I had on me at the time). Well I startled her and instead of swimming quickly past us, she drifted back in the current. Then her only option was to cross the river to get away from us. The Kenai is a big river with fast water. It took her a couple minutes to get across. Those poor little chicks were paddling as fast as they could! She didn’t lose one though. We had trouble counting them – there had to be about a dozen.

This is our Cooper Creek-North campsite.

The Kenai is a beautiful river!

This morning we packed up and headed to Seward. If we can’t see a whale on our own, we’ll have to pay to see them, just like everyone else does. Don took the great photo of the bald eagle on Trail Lake. We went to the Alaska Sealife Aquarium in Seward, today, and made reservations for a full day tour to the Kenai Fjords on a tour boat – complete with buffet dinner of salmon and prime rib (side dish of dramamine and tums?)


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