Dip Netters Rodeo!

The Kenai River opened to dip netting yesterday. We tried to get a closer look but had to be satisfied with putting on the zoom lense and using the spotting scope to watch. It was fun to watch them as they pulled in the reds (sockeye salmon). People had different techniques and different net setups and different “get-ups”. Please excuse the fuzzy pix. It’s the best I could do at this distance.

If you are fishing for reds, you are either “flippin” or “dippin”. These guys are dippin. Some had waders, some had wetsuits, some had neither. Some waded in to their knees, most to their waist, but some up to their chest or neck! The deeper ones would walk out into the current and let it take them down river 50 – 100 yards. They would get out when they caught a fish, or just at the end of their playing field. Then they’d walk back to start all over. They usually had family or friends on the beach who would fillet the fish. There seemed to be a lot of unwritten rules – all being courteous, making sure everyone had a spot and plenty of room. This is subsistence fishing and they have a lot of fun with it. We saw a few pictures being taken but mostly they had a rhythm to get the job done. We talked to a guy who caught his limit (25) last year in about an hour and a half.

We also found an unusual rock on the beach, yesterday. We went into a little museum in Kenai and found out that it is one that was used by the early natives to weight their nets down in the current. There are wear marks where the rope was tied to it.

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