Johnson Lake and Kasilof River

The wildfires are causing some great sunsets. This sunset is from Deep Creek, looking across Cook Inlet. Mt Redoubt is over there somewhere! The fishing in the creek was fun (no catching) and we saw an Eagle sitting on the nest. We left Deep Creek without talking to Don’s cousin who is working on the tractors that launch boats on the beach – our timing was bad 😦

We spent a night on Johnson Lake, which is just south of Soldotna. It is a shallow lake that warms up enough for swimming. Lots of families come here. The picture with the duck family is of Johnson Lake. There were ducks, loons and the lake is stocked. We watched tons of 3″-4″ fish from the bank. One family was catching those and keeping them. So, “popcorn” fish? I can’t imagine how they’d eat them? The purple flower is lupine. They are all over the place! The white ones just started showing up. This is the first day I’ve been warm since…Idaho? We figured out it was because we aren’t right on the bay, where the wind blows over that cold water. DUH! It was been upper 40’s – upper 50’s, but here it might have gotten up to 80. We thought we might spend more than one night but it had been too long since we’ve had showers.

I think we set a record, yesterday, on the shortest driving day: 7 miles! We are on the Kasilof, where the Crooked River comes in. The Kasilof is the pretty, light, green color that comes from the glacial silt. As we watched the fishing, last night, two kings were caught out of 2 different drift boats. There were plenty of fishermen on the bank but I wouldn’t call it “combat” fishing. There was plenty of room between them. They use an odd style of casting and it seems like a lot of snagging goes on (intentional?). We paid $31.50 for trees, firepit, showers (12 minutes!) and full hookups.


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