Homer Spit to Anchor Point

We stopped at Anchor Point on the way down to the Spit. We wanted to be in Homer so we could go to church there though. We did enjoy church. I love the patriotic hymns that we always sing around patriotic holidays! It moves me to think about the wonderful, free, country that I am so privileged to live in! Thanks to all the military familes who sacrifice for our freedom daily (especially to our son, Lucas).
So, today we drove 20 miles! That’s my kinda drivin’ day! Getting out of our campsite was a little tricky but we had 3 men standing around ready to help whoever was leaving that day. The sand was a little soft. It was no trouble getting in because we had the weight of the camper on the truck. But we off-loaded the camper when we got there. We put a couple boards under the rear tires and the men pushed on the side of the camper to move it an inch or so and Don lined it right up! One more stop, before we left Homer, at the tire shop for 2 new rear tires and we were on our way :-} We knew we were getting close (I thought it was closer than Don did) to needing new tires. One tire was going flat.

With that out of the way, we are set up here, at Halibut Campground, to wait for the July 1st opening of the rivers for the Red (sockeye) salmon. The local guides throw their fish carcasses out on the beach for the seagulls and eagles. I counted a dozen eagles on the beach – I don’t try to count the seagulls. The young eagles don’t get a white head until they are about 2 years old. They look funny when they walk. I don’t know if they are trying to scare the seagulls away or if that’s just how they walk. But they spread their wings about half way and sorta jump from foot to foot.

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