Ninilchik to Homer, Alaska

Shoot! I tried to load the pics in the opposite order. Oh well, from bottom to top: Since we visited the furthest point west in the lower 48, we thought we’d better visit the furthest point west on a North American highway – Anchor Point, AK. The things in the water behind the sign are a tractor and boat. The tractor has taken the boat owner’s trailer out to pick him up. It’s amazing how fast launch and take out happens. It’s like those guys have been doing it 24/7 for years. They probably have! Don says we fished the Anchor River with Dad 11 years ago. I think this is the river that had so many people fishing and Don handed me the fly rod and told me to go clear a spot for him. :-} This area has really been improved since then. There are 5 state campgrounds along the road between the Old Sterling Highway and the beach. I think there were also a couple private parks. Fishing in this river opens July 1st.
The next 2 pictures are of our campsite at the (10 site) Castaway RV Park on the Homer Spit. We have electricity for $20; no other amenities are available. Across the road we can get EVERYTHING (FHU, phone, cable, internet, showers, club house, laundromat) for a mere $78.
The middle photo was taken when we first got here around 12:30 (low tide). The second was taken at ALMOST high tide. We’re wondering if the camper will float! We walked across the street to watch people fishing in the little cove where they plant silver salmon. We watched 3 get caught. The fish return to it but they never spawn because there is no place for them to lay their eggs. Actually, the fish DO look a little confused. We saw one of them give a fisherman the raspberries though. He swam right between the fisherman and his bobber then leaped out of the water!


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