Palmer to Houston, AK

On our way into Palmer, yesterday, we found this perfect little house on a lake! I wonder if they’d sell it to us? LOL

Well, after a wonderful visit and incredible meals at the Crabapple Court B&B, we headed out to find out where the salmon are. We saw these geese before we got back to the highway. They look like they are at vacation bible school by the ratio of adults to goslings. We couldn’t get close enough to identify them but they aren’t Canada Geese.
We went out to the Little Susitna (Little Su, as the locals call it) Public Access. We drove via the Knik-Goose Bay road (KGB). Boy that Little Su area sure has been improved since we were here in ’98! There is even a guardshack. They are just starting to catch some Kings (chinook) there. We don’t have a chinook tag, we just wanted to see someone catch them. We saw some pix taken with their catch. We drove back via Burma road – that was a 10 mile gravel road to Big Lake. Lots more off road driving than on the way out there. We looked at several campgrounds around Big Lake, then Nancy Lake out by Willow and Willow Creek. Willow Creek is closed to all fishing right now. It opens again on Friday at midnight. It is so heavily fished that, I guess, they need to give the fish a break for a few days. We are anxious to see the famous “combat fishing” and Willow is, supposedly, the 4th heaviest fished. We didn’t want to hang around there for 2 days though. We drove up to the Willow-Fishhook Rd to see what was up there but Hatcher Pass is closed (not sure why). So, we came back down the highway to Houston to camp at the Riverside RV Park. This is only the 2nd Good Sam park we’ve camped in. We camped here in ’98 with Mom and Dad. It is on the Little Su. Don caught his first pink (humpy) salmon here in ’98. They tell us the salmon are all running late this year. We don’t see any here now. Don is looking forward to the silvers later in the summer.

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