Valdez, Alaska

Happy Father’s Day!

When we go to the ocean, by George, we’re going to camp AT the ocean. We are as close as we can get at the port of Valdez. Don saw a whale spout. We’ve seen seals and sea otters and an eagle being chased by a seagull. They have some huge tides up here! This week, in Homer, there is a 26′ tide change! July has a 27′ change! It’s been drizzling rain all afternoon and it is thick fog, now, so we can’t even see the mountains in this picture. We are right across the bay from the oil tanks. We watched a tanker fill up yesterday at the terminal. A couple tug boats pulled/pushed him out this morning. It was amazing to watch that huge ship sink lower and lower in the water as he filled. He emptied out water as he took on more oil.

We went to church this morning at the Valdez Branch. The Branch President said they took a tally and there were more unfamiliar faces than familiar ones today. After Sacrament Meeting, they passed out treats to the Dad’s and had enough even for all the visitors. There were 3 great talks on Fathers and the important role they have in families and in society. We are fortunate to have great fathers in our family; our own, Don and our sons. I think being a parent gives us a little taste of the love our Heavenly Father has for us; and where that “unconditional” love came from.


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