Haines, AK to Haines Jct, YT

It was overcast all day today, rained a little this morning but not enough to bother us. We headed north and went from the USA to British Columbia, Canada to Destruction Bay, Yukon Territory (about 50 miles past Haines Jct). We ended up at the Cottonwood RV Park. It’s a pretty little private campground on Kluane Lake, the largest lake in YT. If we were in the 5th wheel, this would not have attracted me to this campground. But, since we have a tiny little bathroom/shower combination that we haven’t used yet, the advertisement of “unmetered showers” sold me. I mean, I CAN and HAVE taken a 3 minute shower for a quarter. BUT it’s REALLY nice to take one and not have to worry about having enough quarters to rinse the shampoo out of my hair! This campground even has grass and trees…and wifi for free. There were only 2 sites left that we could “probably” get the wifi in though. We almost took the lakefront site but the signal wasn’t as strong as the mosquitos were. There are 3 yearling grizzly cubs terrorizing the campground this week. I hope we get to see them!
We saw these trumpeter swans, with their babies, on the Chilkat River today. We saw a few eagles as we drove through (and stopped at 3 viewpoints) the Chilkat Eagle Preserve. We needed a spotting scope to see them so we didn’t get a picture of the eagles. The eagles nest in April and the young ones fledge in August. Apparently there are about 3,000 that nest there. But the spectacular time to see them is supposed to be November when 10,000 of them show up for the late chum salmon run. We also read that there is a wolf pack around Summit Lake but we wanted to travel further than that. We did see a couple coyotes next to the highway though.
We were told that Mosquito Lake was a pretty little lake so we dared to stop there for lunch. They actually weren’t too bad but we didn’t spend much time outside. I don’t think they get much business at that campground – not sure why?

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