Chilkat State Park, Haines, Alaska

We had a long travel day today – about 16 miles, I think 🙂 We drove south of Haines to the Chilkat State Park Campground. There are fewer mosquitos here because we have the nice breeze off the Chilkat Bay. There are lots of wildflowers out (other than dandelions). We did some fishing and watching eagles. From the Chilkat Observation Deck we saw the Davidson glacier and the Rainbow Glacier in the Chilkat range across the bay. The pic is the Rainbow Glacier with a 300’+ waterfall flowing out of it. The glaciers were a really pretty color today because the sky was overcast. There was an eagle sitting on the rocks of a sandbar. They had a spotting scope on him. She said he’d been just sitting there for a really long time. Then she found 3 mountain goats with the scope. Those are the really white ones. It is amazing how they walk effortlessly (and seemingly without fear) on the shear cliffs!

We talked to the host at the observation deck. They have been volunteering here for 4 summers. They get to live in the log cabin where the deck is. Their propane, for heat, is provided and they get a small stipend. They also watchover the campground but don’t handle any money. The volunteers aren’t required to clean restrooms but some of the do it anyway. They check the sites for garbage after people leave. They write down license plate numbers of sites used. Sounds like a great gig, huh?


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