Johnson’s Crossing, YT to Skagway, AK, via Whitehorse, YT

Holy Cow, Don get out of the way! Here comes a boat down Main Street!

We had a great drive today. We could have taken a short cut but we decided to take a side trip to WallyWorld in Whitehorse. We wanted to do some other things but decided to postpone those until we come back through when we leave Alaska. The drive from Whitehorse to Skagway has lots of beautiful sites. We saw a black bear cross the road. There were sand dunes at Carcross, which it touts as being the smallest desert in the world. We saw a couple of turquois lakes – one called Bernard Lake (not a misspelling, Gil and Marian). Quite a few waterfalls, lots of blue wildflowers. We’d decided that BC’s state flower must the the dandelion. We haven’t seen many of those around here though. It has started to drizzle a little – what we’d expect in a coast range. By 3pm we were back in the U.S.A. We climbed to over 3,000′ where there was snow at road level and 46 degrees out. Then descended to sea level, winding along the mountainside, at an 11% grade in places. It is 57 degrees in Skagway this evening.

We got lucky with the ferry being late. We will board soon and it will leave at 11pm. It arrives in Haines, AK about midnight. At first we were concerned about finding a campground that late at night. Then we realized, “well it’s not like it will be hard to find in the dark – it doesn’t GET dark!”


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