Alaskan Summer – where dusk and dawn never part

We had an alarm go on at 2:30 this morning. I’m surprised we didn’t hit our heads when we jumped out of a dead sleep! We were both alert, no coughing or gagging or headaches or nausea, so Don reset it and came back to bed. 5 minutes later it sounded again! So, Don disassembled it. :-} Fixed THAT! Pretty soon, he was sawing logs and I was wondering what gas was going to overtake us – LOL. I knew it wasn’t really a problem but I couldn’t get back to sleep; between thinking, being too warm and there being too much daylight shining through. So, I start playing on the internet – I wonder what time sunrise really is? Turns out it is 4:09 today. But it was daylight at 2:30 when we were so rudely woken up! So I’m thinkin’ dusk and dawn are not really separated by darkness up here in this neck of the woods. Besides, turns out that the moon rose about the time the sun”set”. At least we got on the road early! “Hey, Don, there’s a short hike to a waterfall coming up!” “And?”, he says cautiously knowing she’s had very little sleep. “And it says it’s an ‘easy’ 10 minutes ‘walk’ not a hike.” So, we read the signboard and it says, “designed for the physically challenged”. That’s US! And it really was easy. I mean, there was a tree challenge and a water challenge but neither one was more than 4 inches across. So we handled that. We saw Rancheria Falls (pronounced ‘ran-cher-REE-uh’). Very pretty and a nice walk – there was no whining.

The photo: I’m a sucker for animals so I chose the pic of this little red fox that came begging when he smelled Don’s cooking. He said it was clam chowder but I don’t know how Red would recognize that. Maybe it’s mouse chowder? We are camped at Johnson’s Crossing RV Park tonight ($21C for elec & water hookups). The provincial parks, of course, are more scenic and we’ve paid $10 – $15/night for them. The private RV parks are usually just parking lots, sometimes with trees. I guess this is still considered the early season because the only crowd we’ve encountered was in Ft Nelson when they closed the northbound road due to wildfire. We don’t see much traffic and there are plenty of places to get gas and camp. Oh yeah, the mosquitos like tender, white, feet meat.


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