Fort St John to Ft Nelson, BC – The Alaska Highway!

We saw our first 2 caribou today! We also saw 3 black bears and 1 deer along this long stretch of nothing but highway. It is a good travelling road – wide, 2 lane, trees cleared back so you can see wildlife coming before they are right in front of you. Now we are seeing the hordes of RV’ers heading to Alaska! Right after we checked in to the Westend RV Park in Fort Nelson, they closed the highway to northbound traffic due to a wildfire about 200 miles up the road. I think this park is full. I think every spot in town will be taken tonight! We’ll see what happens to that fire overnight. We wanted to get to Muncho Lake tomorrow (which is this side of the fire by about 50 miles) so we could spend a couple nights there.
We had a fun evening fishing on Charlie Lake at Beatton Campground last night. 3 pike and 1 walleye were caught. By the way, sunset was at 10:30 MDT. That’s not too bad – but sunrise is still way too early!


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