Hudson’s Hope to Fort St John, BC

Today was a short travel day. We woke up too early again. That happens everytime we camp where there are no trees to shade us from the early sunrise. I’m thinking I took a picture of my last sunset, for the summer, a week ago in Idaho. It sets way too late up here to wait up for it! I’m kinda hoping I don’t see the sunrise either though. The mosquitos were out in force further south but they are not as bad here yet. I have some nasty black fly bites! Note to self: “I am allergic to black fly bites.” Anyway, we left the campground and drove up the road about 1/4 mile to Lynx Creek. There is a fishing spot there where the creek empties into the Peace River. We didn’t do any good there. We saw a loon though. So we headed up Hwy 29 toward Fort St John. We hit Walley World and Safeway. Bought groceries, personal mosquito netss and diesel; paid .765/ltr for diesel with our Safeway discount card. We are staying at Beatton Provincial Park tonight. It is on the shores of Charlie Lake; pike, walleye and perch. We got a lakefront site. We probably saw a dozen deer today and one coyote – didn’t get a pic of any. The Peace River Valley is a really pretty one. We stopped at an overlook and took a nice picture of the valley. But scenery pictures never really do it justice. I can buy a postcard that looks better. That rest stop had an interesting toilet. Besides having padded seats, it had a long lever from the floor that you could reach while sitting; not that I’d want to – I hate it when those automatic flushers start before I’m ready! They were vault toilets but the lever flushed it and rinsed it with cleaner. It’s weird what I find interesting these days 🙂

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