Hudson’s Hope, BC

We’ve been away from a cell signal for a couple days so we hunted down a campground with electricity close to town…still looking for a fishing spot too. Even though we are early for fishing, we are right on time for the birthing season! We saw a moose with her calf today also. But the neatest National Geographic moment went like this: “Bear!” “Bear AND a CUB!” “Turn around – we gotta get pix!” “I gotta pee.” “Okay, I’ll take pix from the truck. You get out and pee.” …pregnant pause… “Okay” LOL So, we’re taking pix and mom and cub run off into the woods – then I see another cub coming down a tree! He runs into the woods to join mom and sister. “What?” There’s ANOTHER cub coming down the tree! The picture above is the FOURTH cub! He looked up when he heard Don walk around the camper. We asked a local about bears having so many cubs. She said there is a sow who has had 4 cubs for the last 3 years in a row. And, maybe the multiple birth gene is passed on to her cubs.

We are camped at Lynx Creek RV Park, just north of Hudson’s Hope on Hwy 29. We stopped in Chetwynd to see some of the chainsaw carvings. The international carving contest starts this Thursday. They have 35 hours to carve. The carvings are on display all over town (over 70 of them) – very impressive!


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