To Prince George and Beyond!

We travelled the Yellowhead Highway today. We saw 3 black bears and 4 moose (including a very little calf) along the highway. The first moose and calf ran quickly across the highway in front of us. The first bear was a hundred yards down the road, just laying in the grass. He looked like a dog at first. Then we started watching up by the tree line, off the road about 30 feet. We ended up seeing 3 black bear and 4 moose! They grow some big moose up here! We’ve heard that bear will feed on the dandelions next to the road. We didn’t ever see them do that. They were just sitting or laying in the shade and watching the traffic go by. What a life!
We stopped in Prince George just long enough to get diesel and a bite to eat. Now we join all the people headed north through Vancouver. The campgrounds aren’t full yet. Most of the Provincial Parks have only been partially open. The mosquitos are out in force though. This is their peak; supposedly. Of course, I’m sure there are regional “peaks” for these little buggers and we’ll probably get to experience all of them! We are armed with 3 bottles of repellent!
We ended up staying at Bear Lake Campground in Crooked River Provincial Park. All the creeks and streams are closed to fishing until June 15 but the lakes are open. The proclamation sounded promising for the lake. Our campsite is right on the lakefront. When we saw the park attendant and asked about fishing he said, “There’s no fish in here. You have to go 20 minutes this way or that way to fish.” That bubble popped so fast! I saw the deflation happen. Our legs were still sore from the steep hike we took yesterday. The trail he was talking about was under water so we would have had to walk another 10 minutes to get to the other trail head. Our camper was all set up and we didn’t want to unload it from the truck. So, we watched and listened to the red-necked grebes.

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