Rhetorical Question Verified – South of Revelstoke, BC

Too long in BC without a fishing license! So we went 10 miles back to the Walmart in Nelson. Then we headed back up the road. We wanted to experience a gravel road :-} Okay, we’ve done that now – we probably don’t need to do that again. The worst part of the road climbed pretty high above the lake – looked like about a 1,000 ft drop! The kind that makes your stomach turn when you look over the edge – it was on Don’s side. One map said there would be a Provincial Park at our planned destination at the end of that gravel road. The other map had nothing there. There did turn out to be a little, city run, campground on Trout Lake but we decided not to stay there.

We saw 2 bears today; both on the gravel road portion of the trip. The first one was standing up, on his hind legs, so he could see what the noise was when we came around the corner. He was about 300 yards ahead of us in the road. We couldn’t tell what it was at first, until he moved. I couldn’t get the camera ready in time to take a picture – I really figured he was too far away. Once he saw that we were bigger than he was and still moving towards him, he got back down on all fours and ran into the woods. He did leave his poop on the road though, just so we knew he had been there. He was brown and very large. We were too far away to tell if he had a hump. The second one was definitely a black bear – not nearly as large as the first. I talked to him to get him to turn and look at us. We saw some pretty big piles of scat on that gravel road!

We took the Galena Bay Ferry over to Shelter Bay on Hwy 23. We are staying at Arrow Lakes Provincial Park tonight. This park only has 17 sites, strung out right along the lake; two outhouses, a boat launch, a pay station and water. It looks like some improvements were made for people who made a long trip down a gravel road that took them longer than they thought it would and were tired of driving so they pulled over to camp.

We had found a penny in Washington and put it on our back bumper to see how long it would stay there. Suffice it to say, it is somewhere on that gravel road. I am still the “navigator”. But my duties have changed. Now, instead of Don asking me which direction he needs to turn, he asks me “what’s the altitude?” (which I can find from the Garmin GPS) or “what do you see on the map up ahead?” (I tell him something like: a picnic table if you turn west, 2 picnic tables if you keep south, two Provincial Parks on the southern route within about 50 kms. Then he’ll decide which way and I get to tell him from there. One time, I almost made a decision about a route to take, but he stopped to think about where I was taking him and he went a different direction. Hahaha – we are still laughing at, but not strangling each other – 24/7 in a camper!


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