Kootenay Lake, BC – Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

We finally made it into Canada! We went north from Sandpoint, ID to Creston, BC. We were frisked at the border and they let us in anyway. Then we took 3 west to Castlegar and 6 north to Nelson. We went over a 5400 ft summit on 3. We hit 7% and 8% grades on the downhill side! Kind of exciting! it was good road, though, not overly curvy. We crossed the west arm of Kootenay Lake, over a bridge and drove up a little ways until we found this park. We meant to go to Walmart in Nelson to see if they sold fishing licenses. Even tough we’re in a much smaller rig, Don still doesn’t like the feel of driving through the towns. Anyway, we’ll figure out where to stop tomorrow for a license. There are osprey and bald eagles here. They feed on the kokanee fry coming out of the creek. The picture is looking north from our campground, across a swimming area. Don is trying to get me to think in metric – I’m resisting.


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