Lake Pend Oreille – pronounced Pond Oray

We are in the Idaho panhandle tonight. We wanted to take a look at Sam Owen Campground, which is managed by AL&L. We knew it would not be opened due to reconstruction of the water system. So we looked a little further down the road and found Island View Trailer Resort. It’s a very cute RV park on a wildlife reserve and right on the lake. Deer wander through the park. We are also told that wild turkeys take a route through the park to the lake.

We are amazed at how big of a river the Pend Oreille is! It could easily be half of the Columbia’s volume. We took 4 hours to drive a 2.5 hour distance. We went up to see Metaline Falls – only to find out there were no “falls”. We stopped at a wildlife viewing area for lunch – only to find out the wildlife were having lunch somewhere else. It was supposed to be mountain goats. We, pretty much, followed the Pend Oreille River upstream to the lake. It goes up into Canada from where we were yesterday (Ione, WA), makes a U-turn and then empties into the Columbia, which immediately turns into FDR Lake in NE Washington.

Great weather continues to bless us!

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