White River Falls State Park, Oregon – Hwy 216 north of Maupin

What a way to start the day! We drove the Deschutes River Rd from Maupin to 216. On the Deschutes we found a few netting platforms that the Native Americans use for netting salmon. Someone was there fishing but we didn’t see him catch anything. The platforms are situated right over where the river narrows to about a third it’s width and drops about 10 feet. It thought it looked to fast to be able to catch anything – shows how much I know! White River Falls State Park is just a little picnic area overlooking the falls. It’s hard to tell from, the map, what is is worth seeing but this was worth the detour…after all, that’s what this trip is all about.

We looked for more scenic routes today. We crossed the Columbia River Gorge into Washington to start our Washington “phase” of our adventure. After a little “misunderstanding” in Toppenish, WA, we got back off the interstate and followed the Yakima River to Ellensburg. We got back into the mountains and continued on 97 to 2 and on into Wenatchee Confluence State Park. This is a pretty park right on Columbia where the Yakima joins it. I am still suffering from shell-shock over the price of camping. I’ve only got an Atlas and a GPS in the cab with me when looking for campgrounds. I need the computer in the cab – although, there might be even more “misunderstandings” if I did that?


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