Crooked River (High) Bridge – or something like that

Tonight we are in the Maupin City RV Park on the Deschutes River…nice little place but I didn’t get a great pic of it. It is kept very clean by the nice hosts. It is a popular haulout for rafts and fishing boats. ..very pleasant.

I could only pick one picture to go with the blog so I picked something scenic. We stopped at the bridge because we were looking for a place to take pix of all the snow-capped mountains in the Cascades to the West of us. We could see Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood and some others from here. I wanted to see a sign that identified them but it either didn’t exist or I just missed it. Most of the signs just warned people to not let your pets or children dive off the 300 ft cliff. Up the road a little further, before Maupin, there was a Mountain Identification sign! We could see Mt. Adams (Washington), 3 Sisters and 3 Fingered Jack (to the south) as well as Jefferson and Hood. We have had incredible weather – both for packing and for travelling.

Because we had to back track today we decided to do some quick cipherin’ to see, if we kept up this slow pace, would we make it to Alaska in time to enjoy it. We broke out the Garmin to check out some mileage. We decided that we might be taking a month getting there, spend a month there and take a month to get back. We can handle that!


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