Entry for April 23, 2009

Alaska 2009
“Shakedown” Trip cont’d

Only crazy people camp more than one night in Antelope Island State Park in the Spring. Here’s the indicator: first night costs $13, subsequent nights are $10 – hahaha   As long as the wind is blowing the no-see-ums don’t find you.  Spring is the worst time for the insects. The island is unique and interesting with lots of history – and it is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. The sunsets are beautiful. Bison and antelope are frequently seen. Brine flies are a constant. Bring  repellant.  Brine shrimp are harvested in the summer. They are sold for fish food and sea monkeys. I think brine flies are some stage of a brine shrimp’s life, but I’m not positive. This is our second night here, but tomorrow, we mooch off a kid.


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