Entry for January 15, 2009

Today on Tillicum Beach

I’ve been too busy worshipping the sun to blog.  During my walk on the beach this morning I found 2 seastars; one orange and one purple.  I decided the orange one would survive if I put it back in the water. It just kept washing up on shore though. Seastars can’t grip sand. They need a rock to hold onto. Further down the beach was the purple one. I didn’t see any little feet moving so I determined he was too far gone to try to save. So I took him home. I set him on the truck so he’d “dry out”.  An hour or so later we checked him and he was attaching himself to the truck. So I pryed him off and took him back out to the ocean.  I threw him and the other one out into the waves as far as I could. Maybe they will be deep enough that the waves won’t wash them in any further.


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