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Even wildlife balances their natural beauty with man-made ornaments

November 22, 2014

If you sport a new style, you’ve got to expect some attention.

bull elk with cows


Some will like it and some may not.

curious cow elk looking at bull

Hey George! What’s with the weird antler ornament?

Some fashion statements are purely accidental.  Roll with it.

bull elk with twine hanging from antlers

I had a fight with a bale of hay.

If you have naturally curly hair, you know that it gets curlier in high humidity.  Embrace your natural beauty.

bull elk with twine hanging from antlers

Don’t you think it goes well with my coat?

Dude, no one else can pull off that style!

Hip Waders

November 16, 2014

Great Blue Heron are born with permanent hip boots.  How would it be to walk without feeling your legs or feet?  I wonder if they feel but just don’t feel temperature?  I’ll have to learn Heron so I can ask one.

great blue heron in alsea river

Great Blue Heron

They are such graceful birds; moving slowly, waiting patiently for their prey.

great blue heron in alsea river

If there’s nothing here, he’ll just move on.

The chicks are raised and gone.  Keeping up their health and strength is their sole purpose in life this time of year.  Well, that and to provide beauty for humans.  I doubt he/she is even aware of that purpose.  Otherwise I’d be able to get closer with my camera….and practice my heronish


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