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Ripe Blackberries on the Alsea River

August 30, 2014

These Wood Ducks know what to do at high tide!

Looks like they found a treasure trove of blackberries.  Too bad they can’t jump higher.  Nobody else is going to eat them.

wood duck drake

Wood Duck Drake

I had no idea that ducks ate berries but other birds do so why not!

Tailgating Elk

August 28, 2014

Have you ever heard of the children’s game, Duck-Duck-Goose?

This is Oregon’s version of that game.  It’s called Elk-Elk-Goose.

You get goosed when you move too slow and the one behind you gooses your behind. :-)

roosevelt elk

4 calves in this herd

It was fun to see the Roosevelt Elk herd today with 4 calves.

elk bull and calf

Hangin’ back for some fatherly advice


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