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Wood Ducks on the Alsea River

August 25, 2014

Wood Ducks are the most colorful ducks I’ve seen on the Alsea River.

drakes and hen wood ducks

Wood Ducks

Wood ducks like swamps and slower moving water.  This part of the Alsea is affected by tides.  So when the tide is lower, the edges are kind of swampy.  Of course the drakes are the most colorful; with the beautiful orange eyes.  But the hen’s white markings around her black eyes are also striking.


Black Bear Running

August 19, 2014

Black Bear Running reminds me of Dead Man Walking.

My love for watching wildlife has led me to sharing it with family and friends on this blog.  That was probably the biggest draw of workamping to me.  But, as we’ve pretty much stayed in one place for a few years, I’ve wondered if some hunters now use the internet as a new way of stalking their prey?  That’s why I try to be careful not to indicate exactly where I see the game.  I’m not opposed to hunting.  I believe God put animals on earth to sustain us.  I do think it needs to be managed, though, and it seems like the Wildlife Management agencies are doing a pretty good job of it through hunting licenses and monitoring herd sizes, etc.  If it weren’t managed, the irresponsibles would prevail and waste the meat.  As with anything, it only takes a few idiots to create the need for a “rule” or law to be enacted.

black bear

Black Bear

That said, I’d hate to be the one who points out a target to a hunter because I wouldn’t get to watch it anymore.  …unless that wildlife is threatening my life – then I’m happy to finger it!


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