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Tailgating Elk

August 28, 2014

Have you ever heard of the children’s game, Duck-Duck-Goose?

This is Oregon’s version of that game.  It’s called Elk-Elk-Goose.

You get goosed when you move too slow and the one behind you gooses your behind. :-)

roosevelt elk

4 calves in this herd

It was fun to see the Roosevelt Elk herd today with 4 calves.

elk bull and calf

Hangin’ back for some fatherly advice

Wood Ducks on the Alsea River

August 25, 2014

Wood Ducks are the most colorful ducks I’ve seen on the Alsea River.

drakes and hen wood ducks

Wood Ducks

Wood ducks like swamps and slower moving water.  This part of the Alsea is affected by tides.  So when the tide is lower, the edges are kind of swampy.  Of course the drakes are the most colorful; with the beautiful orange eyes.  But the hen’s white markings around her black eyes are also striking.



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