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Rewards of Exercise

June 22, 2014

Our picture window looks out over the Alsea River.  Where my laptop is set up, I can’t see out of it unless I look to the side.  That’s so I can actually get some work done.

Exercising every morning is a very worthwhile habit that the lazy-me tries to talk myself out of daily.

black bear on alsea river

Black Bear across the river

I do my exercises looking out the window, hoping for wildlife for a couple reasons:  1) it breaks up the monotony of exercising by having something new to look at and 2) it adds the more-fun-exercise of dashing for the camera and clicking off photos.  The black bear showed up a couple days ago.  We have not seen him on our side of the Alsea River yet.

muledeer on alsea river

A little forked-horn!

This morning this little forked-horn strolled through the yard and took our pathway down to the river where the doe joined him.  Their coats look healthy!

They walked out to the island for a little bit, took a few drinks, then wandered up river where I lost sight of them.   Then I went back to my hum-drum exercises.  I would not have seen either the bear or the deer had I not been standing in front of the window.  (If there are fishermen in the river, I back up so they can’t see me :-)

I’m grateful for moments that break up the hum-drum!

Camels are something you don’t see everyday on the Oregon Coast

June 21, 2014

But this weekend is Beachcomber Days in Waldport.  So there are a lot of things that only happen once a year here.

camels in waldport

Camel rides in Waldport

I worked today so I didn’t get to participate in the festivities :-(   But I saw the log truck with 3 big logs and other parade entries staging.

And, when I saw the camels, I had to take a pic!


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